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Survey: ‘Wired Hospitals’ lead to increase in key quality measures

Hospitals of all kinds (for profit = tax paying and not for profit = non-tax paying) have lagged greatly behind the culture at large in the implementation of electronic health services.  So many lessons can be learned from the banking and financial industries (both good and bad).  Yet, hospitals continue to progress at an alarmingly SLOW rate.  Their implementation is bogged down by many of the bureaucratic impositions of federal and state agencies, as well as the entrenched inefficiencies which have developed within the hospital culture over the past century.  It is time for a major shift in priorities with e health initiatives receiving the lead role they deserve . . . jomaxx

According to the 10th annual Most Wired Survey and Benchmarking Study, hospitals that embrace information technology demonstrate better patient satisfaction outcomes, risk-adjusted mortality rates and other key quality . . . To read more on this topic link to the full story





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